Welcome to CMC Services Group
Welcome to CMC Services Group
a state licensed full service general contracting company for all your remodeling needs.

  • Don't renovate your home the hard way. 

Mortgage backed financing enables you to get all your renovations done at one time & covers it all with a single monthly payment.

Home rehab loans, also referred to as renovation loans, take the financial guesswork and frustration out of renovating a home. Instead of applying for multiple loans, many loans allow homeowners to finance their existing loan balance or purchase price, along with the cost of renovation in one convenient loan with a single mortgage payment. There are several FHA, VA, and Conventional Rehab/Renovation loan programs available to homeowners. We can provide assessment of your current mortgage liability, integrate it into your renovation even more affordable. This is what we call our Concierge approach to service. 

CMC Services Group work on your behalf to secure the best financing for your renovation needs.